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Our New Christmas Eve "Traditions" and 10 Ideas for You to Try

Our New Christmas Eve "Traditions" and 10 Ideas for You to Try

I'm all for traditions. If you enjoy them. 

If you don't? Toss 'em, I say. Start your own traditions. Or make your tradition that you don't have traditions. 

That's what David and I did this year. We'll have my daughter on the 28th but until then we decided to hold off on the Christmas-y activities. We'll go ice skating and bake cookies once Journey is with us. Until then, we decided to skip the traditional family parties and do our own thing. 

It's Christmas Eve (already!) and here's what we did:

  • Watched the new (ish) Ghostbusters movie -- so freakin' funny. We need more movies with boss ass female leads. 
  • Went to The Porter ( a local bar) for a beer and some fries -- there's something so fun and different about being in a bar on Christmas Eve
  • Made portobello tacos w/ homemade hot sauce -- yummmm! Since going vegan, I've been so excited to try out new recipes. This one is super easy and one of my fave so far. 
  • Drank beer -- Since I've been kickboxing 2x a week and going to strength classes (and a private strength training sesh) 3x a week, I've cut wayyy back on beer. But I love it and it's the holidays, so we're enjoying some rich porters. 
  • Opened all our presents -- We normally wait until Christmas morning but I've had David's presents since like Halloween and I literally could not wait one more night to see him open them. He loved what he got (clothes, a really nice knife, a Le Creuset dish, and some bitters from 18:21 Bitters). He got me some Chanel perfume (!!!), the most gorgeous pair of camel Tieks (!!!), some Lush bath bombs, and 4 of these awesome Monq diffusers. 

It has been the best Christmas Eve in awhile, so I'm happy that we decided to buck traditions that didn't really bring us joy and do our own thing instead. 


I know it can be really hard to let go of what you've always done. But if you find yourself stressing about it or wishing you were somewhere else, it may be time to reevaluate how you spend your holidays. 



If you're stuck for ideas on what to do, I've made a quick list of new Christmas Eve traditions for you to try:

  1. Grab a bottle of wine and a frozen pizza. Watch movies until midnight. 
  2. Make a vision board for the next year, by yourself or with friends and family. 
  3. Make blessing bags to keep in your car and give to people in need. 
  4. Build a bonfire, roast smores, and drink a nice bottle of rose. 
  5. Find out which bars are open in your town and go have a drink at every one of them. Be sure to leave a nice tip for the people working on Christmas Eve. 
  6.  Pick a DIY craft and spend the day making fun things. Love all of Studio DIY's projects
  7.  Make boozy hot chocolate and curl up with a good book. 
  8. Go for a run, eat a healthy dinner, and go to bed early. You'll feel great!
  9. Head to the movie theater and binge on all the candy your heart desires.
  10. Write "love" letters to everyone in your life that you care about. Put them in envelopes with confetti. 

What is a new "tradition" you want to try?

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