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The Future is Female

The Future is Female

I believe that the future is female

I believe in girl power and #girlboss and get it, girl,

I believe in rising up, hands joined, mouths open, blood boiling

Marching against the very systems that have made it necessary for us to rise up in the first place


I believe in YAS queen and ride or die

I believe that the camaraderie found in the girl's bathroom at 11 pm on a Friday night

After one too many shots of Jameson

Should trickle into the daylight


But I also believe in calling it like I see it

Calling bullshit on the jealousy and insecurity

That fuels so much hate and mistrust among women


How are we supposed to be the future

When so much of our present is spent

Spitting out rumors and etching the word

Slut into each others turned backs?


Someone thanked me the other day

For being the kind of friend

Who was willing to look into her eyes and roll a truth she wasn’t ready to hear

Off the tip of my tongue


The words I spilled onto her

Tasted like water where I was expecting wine

So sure that the truth as I saw it

Would part oceans and turn us into separate continents, divided


Instead, a bridge was built

One that I wish had been constructed a long time ago

It’s 2018 and maybe, just maybe

The commodification of female empowerment

Has finally rubbed off on our skin


But with the terms “female empowerment”

It seems as if we’ve bought into this belief

That women supporting women

Somehow means we aren’t accountable

For telling each other the truth

Even when a lie, no matter how small, is much easier


Yes, I think you should absolutely tell your friend

That you love her and support her and have her back


I also believe we need to tell each other

When the relationship is toxic


When, yes it is in fact bat shit crazy to text him that many times


When there’s lipstick smudged on your teeth

And the salty taste of gossip is drawn like

War paint across your cheeks


I believe that we need to hold each other’s hands


And pour honey into wounds


Treat the salve of friendship like medicine

Not poison


Female empowerment has been commodified and commercialized

Shoved down our throats


“The Future is Female” they tell us

Yet somehow so many women still feel like islands

Isolated from the kind of females that would make this claim to power feel like the truth


For this reason, I will continue to hold the women in my life

Fiercely accountable to their truths

Even when it means stepping outside my comfort zone

Because I hope they will do the same for me


The more truth and fire we breathe into each other

The stronger we will be able to rise up

Against a system that places all bets

On us turning against each other

Want community? Let go of the label and start showing up.

Want community? Let go of the label and start showing up.

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