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We're All Just Walking Each Other Home: A Call for More Compassion

We're All Just Walking Each Other Home: A Call for More Compassion

Every day, I interact with other people. You probably do, too.

On the roads. 

At the mall.

At your local coffee shop. 

On client calls. 

And as I come in contact with all of these people, it is very easy to be kind to the people who are kind to me. 

Like attracts like.

But when someone cuts me off in traffic or brings their basket full of groceries through the 10 items or less line or doesn't smile back at me in passing, I find it easy to let kindness go out the window.

Not that I'm mean to them. In fact, they probably will never know how I feel about the way they've acted.

My compassion just gets withdrawn.

This is something I'm actively working on, so I wanted to share my experience with you, in case you need a reminder, too.

Whenever something happens -- 

A client pays an invoice late

A minivan waits until the last minute to get over, causing me to sit through another traffic light

The barista at Starbucks gets my order wrong

The check out guy at Lowe's acts like ringing up my plant is the. biggest. burden. 

I'm repeating this mantra: 

We are all just walking each other home. 

Just let those words sink in, will you? Every time I really think about what they mean, my heart plucks a little. 

The world is really harsh, friends. 

It's harsh on a global scale -- poverty rates are high. South Africa might run out of water. The Rohingya are beginning to be repatriated to Myanmar, where they may still be persecuted. 

On a national scale, the harshness doesn't end -- we've had our reproductive rights stripped away (again), women are being called "temporarily powerful" as we rise to fight the rampant sexual assault that has somehow become normalized in our country, it seems as if there is news of a shooting at a mall or a school or a church every other week. 

Your community may be feeling the harshness on a micro level, too. Or personally, you're worried about job security or you're missing a child that is no longer physically with you or your partner broke your heart or you feel creatively blocked. 

All different. Yet, all the same. 

As you go about whatever it is you're going to do this weekend, keep it in your heart that we are all woven out of the same cloth.

We are all cosmic beings in temporary human bodies just doing the best we can. 

We are all just walking each other home. 


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