I'm Christina. Welcome to The Year of 12. By day I create content strategies for digital health startups, drink too much coffee, and work my feelings out on a punching bag. The rest of the time, I write for human hearts.

This is where I write my truth.

Word of the Year: AND

Word of the Year: AND

I've never given much thought to having a "word of the year." It has always seemed somewhat pointless to try to model an entire 12 months around one word. 

I understand that it is meant to embody a feeling, or an overarching tone that you want to live your life in alignment with.

Goals, with detailed plans to get me from here to there, have always been my preference. 

But with those goals -- meet X income goal, restructure business model, lose 10 more lbs. -- has always come an all or nothing mindset.

In fact, everything I do comes with this stark mindset -- black or white, all in or all out, yes or no: pick one. 

It's as if there's a constant game of "If, then" running in my head. But instead of being true cause and effect, I've used one choice as a reason to mourn every other possible option.

If I'm going to continue to grow my freelance business working with digital health startups, then I can't (and maybe shouldn't) write for human hearts. 

If we're going to buy a home, I won't be able to travel. 

I've been coating life and all of it's many, many possibilities with the gloss of "or". 

This or that. 

Does this make logical sense? Um, no. Definitely not. But my brain (and heart) decided on this a long time ago and so here we are.

So when I went to my first hypnotherapy session this week, one of the things we worked on was this belief that I can't have it all. Other people can, sure. But I have to be 100% dedicated to one thing -- and with that I have to choose: success or joy. 

My hypnotherapist guided me through something that felt more like a meditation than what I thought hypnosis would feel like. 

She helped me change my belief from OR to AND. 

And that brings us to right now and this blog post and my word of the year. 


I am ________ and _________.

I like to ___________ and ____________.

I write for _______________ and ______________.

It's such a f'n relief to finally acknowledge that I can embrace my multifaceted soul without feeling like I'm giving up a huge part of me. 

The thing I've realized is that I can be and do and have everything that I want.


I may not be able to do all of it all at once. 

So instead of writing for clients and wishing I was writing for human hearts or vice versa, I am committing to showing up fully for everything I do. 

I'm committed to AND. 

Yes, and...

We could do this, and...

I'm this, and...

Fun, right?

If you've made it this far, you may relate to this in some way. If you do, I'm here to give you permission (not that you need my permission or anyone else's for that matter) to embody your whole self. 

You are free to embody the fullest expression of yourself -- whether other people understand it or not. 

Tell me: have you struggled with this? What has helped you move out of that space?

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